What Questions Should I ask?


    Service in the Military can be a great opportunity, as long as it fits into a young adult’s educational and personal development goals. Meeting with a recruiter can help clarify these goals and determine whether service is the right choice. Parents and children should discuss such goals with each other before they meet with a recruiter. That way everyone is on the same page. Also, developing specific questions prior to the meeting is an excellent and recommended way to prepare. Here are some to get you started.

    General Questions

    •    How is your Service branch different from the others?

    •    What is the recruiting process like from beginning to end?

    •    Why should I join the (Service)?

    •    Do you have any special incentives to join?

    •    What’s the Delayed Enlistment Program?


    Basic Training

    •    What really goes on in Basic Training?

    •    What’s the balance of classroom and physical training?

    •    What kind of condition do you have to be in at the start?

    •    What are the physical standards candidates have to meet?

    •    What are training and drill instructors like today?

    •    What percent of people who start Basic Training complete it?

    •    Can two friends go through Basic Training at the same time?

    •    Do women receive “military haircuts” too?


    The First Term

    •    How long does the first term last? Do you have programs of different lengths?

    •    Can an entrant choose the military job he or she wants? How is the job assignment made?

    •    Can you describe a couple of jobs?

    •    Can a trainee choose to serve overseas?

    •    How much does a new recruit get paid, and what are the benefits?

    •    How often are service members promoted?



    •    What kind of training comes after Basic Training?

    •    How good are your military job-training schools?

    •    What are all the ways a service member can earn college credits during enlistment?

    •    What are your tuition support programs? How does an entrant qualify for them?


    Recruiters are ready to answer these questions and any others you have in mind. If they cannot answer your question immediately, they will find the information you need and get back to you.